Stories of humans of the world

Impact Storytelling


We are dedicated to finding and documenting the precious moments - the pearls - from the wreckage of the world.
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Our Philosophy

Our priority is people. We focus on the human being in every job we do - with our clients, collaborators and the people who share their stories with us.



We write stories, blog posts, scripts and opinion pieces to communicate your cause in a more empathetic way. We travel to locations where the stories happen to develop written and audiovisual communications materials. We also produce content for social media, including short and medium-length films in English or Spanish.

Digital identity

We work on the digital identity of your brand. We develop web pages and marketing strategies for your organization through different innovation dynamics such as visual thinking, design thinking and futuristic design. We work on your identity to connect your purpose with the image of your organization.

Managing communications projects

We coordinate communication campaigns, organize field visits to demonstrate the impact of your organization's projects and generate toolkits, brand manuals, video scripts and other communication pieces to bring light to the pearls of your organization.

About Us


Amanda is American and Santiago is Argentine. We met in 2008 in Costa Rica. We lived together in Buenos Aires, we separated and after ten years we met again in Sicily. Now, back together, we travel the world and dedicate ourselves to telling stories in different formats and in two languages: English and Spanish.

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