Hi! It’s Amanda and Santiago. We met in early 2008 in Costa Rica, then lived together in Buenos Aires for the rest of that year. After a long period of separation (ten years) we had a beautiful reunion in Sicily in the summer of 2019. We realized we were both working in the same field – communications –  so decided to synthesize our experience into one: telling genuine stories.

Santiago has built his career working in political communications and managing institutional social media accounts. He co-created a company called The Self Lab that redesigns communication processes by using innovation methodologies. He also has worked in theater on both sides of the stage – in production and acting. A unique quality of Santiago is his ability to empathize with people and tell stories and jokes that would make you laugh your socks off!

Amanda has worked for ten years in different United Nations agencies where she designed  communication strategies, coordinated field visit programs for donors and sponsors, managed the production of videos and websites, and traveled to the field to interview children and mothers to write stories about recipients of education, health, and other service programs. She is the coordinator and organizer of this small team – the one that assembles the pieces of the puzzle together.

We have experience working in different countries with different languages ​​and cultures such as Indonesia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Spain, Italy, the United States, Honduras, Denmark and Argentina.

“Pearls in shit” is a work about the synthesis of differences. We focus on the positive, the pearls. But at the same time we understand that shit is not something negative but a potential nutrient to germinate life.

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